Boom Pumps

20 meter     range & spread
28 meter     range & spread
31 meter     range & spread
32 meter     range & spread
36 meter     range & spread
39 meter     range & spread
45 meter     range & spread
46 meter     range & spread
52 meter     range & spread
58 meter     range & spread
61 meter     range & spread


28 meter    range  outrigger
32 meter    range  outrigger
36 meter    range  outrigger
38 meter    range  outrigger
40 meter    range  outrigger
47 meter    range  outrigger
52 meter    range  outrigger
56 meter    range  outrigger
58 meter    range  outrigger


28 meter     range & spread
38 meter     range & spread

Placing Booms

Capital Pumping has a Schwing 4800 high rise pump and two Schwing BPL 4000 truck mounted high pressure pumps to serve your high rise needs. In addition, Capital has seven separate placing booms of different lengths as well as numerous concrete boom pumps with detachable booms. We also have a large inventory of towers, pedestals, diversion valves, etc. available for your placing boom needs.

Trailer Pumps

Capital Pumping has over ten trailer and city pumps ready to serve your line pumping needs. In addition, we have a large inventory of system available for your line pumping jobs.